Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Hump Day... I can't think of a better title.

I've neglected my blog for nearly 2 weeks now, not because I wanted to... other things just took priority. Matt's mom was visiting and stayed with us last Thursday to Sunday. Since we let her sleep on our bed, Matt and I split the couch and his old twin mattress for 3 nights. I think the whole sleep experience was a little back-breaking for all of us. All except the kitties...

twin kitties

Seriously though, our current mattress is the one that I bought back in my first year of College, which is about 8 years ago. It cost me all of $350, so go figure that the springs are starting to poke their way through. A slight exaggeration, but seriously, I wake up most days feeling like something has dug into my back all night. So needless to say, Matt and I are more than a little excited about the brand new bed we are getting delivered in 6 days!!! Courtesy of his parents and Sleep Country Canada, as a belated wedding gift. We had a terrific salesperson - he even knocked off $300 for us - guiding us through the various beds in the store and fell in love with one called "Clarion". I'm hoping that a full night on it is as dreamy as the five minutes we spent on it to test it out. Guess you never know until you take it home. Thankfully there's a 60-day return policy which we hopefully won't have to use.

Among the "other things" that took priority, I revamped my portfolio site this past week. I forgot that the way I formatted it meant I would have to link buttons on every page. A bit time-consuming, but I think it's pretty easy to navigate. If anyone finds any missing links, please let me know.

I feel like I had more to write, but am at a loss right now. My tummy is calling for lunch, so that's all for now. Oh, and I just liked the etsy treasury at the top of the blog post, so I took a screen capture of it the other day. Isn't it pretty? Turquoise and red make a lovely combo.

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