Sunday, September 7, 2008

Can you "handle" this?

that's mister kitty to you!
I've been on a blog hiatus lately but only because I've been working real hard. A new design is here, finally! And yes, I've hopped on the moustache bandwagon, but only because it looks so cute and funny on this kitty. I'll be listing tees and totes with "moustache kitty" in my shop later this month.

Other new designs are in the works, along similar "dress-up" lines. With Halloween around the corner, I've been inspired by that theme of donning costumes. Stay tuned.

As well, the Clothing Show is just weeks away, so I'm preparing for my second time there. A lot of summer stock will be marked down and I will have some new items too. It may be my only show for the rest of the year, since a lot of the deadlines for Christmas shows seemed to have already passed. Please come check it out. Same spot as the Spring show. Booth 513. September 26-28.


Tara Fortin said...

Good Luck at the show! Its always so tempting to go to it, but then I wuss out from cheapness.

I hope there is some sort of vampire kitty costume! yeah!

Stacey said...

Love the mustachioed kitty--my cat Nemo has a white one, but it's more of a Chaplin 'stache than a handlebar.

Have a great time at the clothing show! Hope you make a ton of sales.