Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tea and Things

It's rather grey and gloomy outside, and normally I'd feel lethargic with this weather but I'm surprisingly energetic and can see myself being productive today. Maybe it was the almost black cup of tea I just enjoyed. Normally I take my tea with milk, but we ran out yesterday and I forgot to pick some more up at the store. Tea without milk definitely has more bite and I love the richness of colour.

Or perhaps I'm feeling inspired by the brilliant music from this brilliant movie that we watched last night. I happened upon a copy of it at my local library and I can see why it won the Oscar for "Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song". All the songs are amazing and I will definitely be buying the soundtrack. I haven't bought a cd in years but this would be well worth the money. And the lead actor is pretty cute, though redheads are not usually my cup of tea... he reminds me a bit of Hugh Laurie who I've come to love as Dr. House.

The past week has been spent printing more shirts to send to various shops I consign with and also experimenting a bit with printing multiple images on one shirt.



That has also given me ideas for sewn projects and after a few years of storing this baby away, it finally saw the light again last night:


Matt constructed a makeshift sewing table for me - so I could of course sew something for him first - out of Ikea shelves. It's not the sturdiest thing, as it still needs some proper legs on the bottom to stabilize it, but it works. And Matt taped one side of it to our shared worktable, so that'll do for now. I will be sure to post some wip photos as well as finished projects photos in the next week or so.

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