Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A, B and C

little imp aceo
A. I tend to go through creative spurts where one thing will excite me and I keep at it for several days or longer, but somehow I always seem to get sidetracked or start to feel uninspired, so stop. That's what happened last week. I added several new ACEO's - including the one above, my current favourite - to the shop and was planning on doing a lot more but... instead I spent the latter half of the week making buttons and preparing stock for an upcoming show and to restock my consignment shops. Perhaps I was a little influenced by this lady's productivity.

B. In any case, I think I have enough buttons to last for a while now.

C. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this Sunday for the craft show I'll be doing. The way the summer has started out it feels more like Spring with all the rain we've been getting. For those of you in the Kensington Market area, please come by and check out the vendors who will be at the Kid Icarus 1 year Anniversary Craft Sale! It's pedestrian Sunday so the streets will be car-free.

p.s. the title of the post refers to A for ACEO's, B for buttons and C for craft sale.

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Tara Fortin said...

:-) hiya. Thanks for the plug!

Ahh, that "just made a huge pile of button sets" feeling. So sweet. Good luck on the weekend!