Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's about time!

Spring seems to have sprung finally and that means I will be bringing my bike out of hiding very soon. All efforts to find our little bike pump today were futile though, and there are no gas stations with air close to us (at least according to Matt the last time he was out in search of one), so we're spending Sunday indoors.

We did enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday as we were given free tickets to the National Home Show by our very generous real estate agent. Unfortunately since we went on a Saturday, the place was a bit overcrowded to our liking and not really what we expected, though we both weren't sure what to expect there. Basically it was a lot of different vendors there trying to get you to spend money on their products. Great if you have a disposable income, but right now we don't. So it was more about generating ideas for us.

***Edit: I forgot to mention that the highlight of the trip for Matt was his 5 minutes in a $3400 massage chair. He couldn't stop talking about it after we left. I didn't want to sit in it for fear of what I'd be missing later on... and I'm sure the chair was very soothing, but if we ever spent that much on a chair it'd have to look darn good too. And well, massage chairs to me are an eyesore not a design piece ***

Lately I've been obsessing over my home office space as well as dreaming up ways of decorating our place. When we first moved in I was more than happy to stick with the colours the previous owners had painted the walls upstairs.
funky kitchen

But I think with the new season, I'm ready for a new look, especially since my office faces the kitchen. I'm leaning towards white walls or at least brighter ones in my workspace. It would make it easier to photograph items for my shop too.

And I would really love to get this desk but it's a little out of my budget at the moment. So I will likely just make my own from the different table tops and legs that Ikea carries. It's amazing how much more they charge for adding a few drawers to a table.


Tara Fortin said...

Your bike is super cute. I am jealous your basket can support your kitty! (I have the same basket and mine would NOT hold My fatty.)

Everyone gets that painting bug at this time of year. :-) Go for it!

cathy peng said...

thanks, tara! well, i would never actually bike around the city with suki or dex in the basket, though i have thought about it when having to take them to the vet :) they would most likely get "bike-sick".

i swear i spend hours surfing the net and scouring all the pretty (interior) design blogs out there. when i get around to painting, i'll post some pics.