Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is what I felt like doing Sunday night... Dex was lucky he wasn't in my shoes that day. The majority of Sunday was spent doing Matt's and my taxes though mine took 3 times as long as his. But I'm happy to report that ours are done and mailed out a week before they're due and if I've done them correctly (hopefully!) I will actually get money back this year! Heck, if I don't get a refund, as long as I don't owe any, I am happy. One of these days, I swear, I will hire an accountant but my records and receipts are not as organized as they'd have to be to just dump them onto someone else, so it was another year of doing them on my own.

If my kitty assistants could help me out every once in a while, they'd at least be earning their keep...

That's my new white desk that Suki has plopped herself on. No white walls were painted on the weekend, as Matt said it would be a time-consuming task. So that will be for another weekend when we can devote it all to painting. But here's a sneak peek of how great white on white would look:

The rest of this week will be spent preparing for this show and also getting stock sent to here.
It'll be my first show of the year and I'm hoping it'll be better than what I've heard about it from some sources. If you're in Toronto and looking for something to do that weekend, please come by.

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