Sunday, April 13, 2008

Something New for the Shop

business cat

I introduced some ACEO's into my shop last night. I've always been a fan of miniature things and have been trying to create some new illustrations both personally and professionally, so these were a great way to get the creative juices flowing. The one above is sort of a portrait of Dex, and probably my favorite of the bunch, but in real life Dex is usually much more chipper.

Here are all of them together:

While I don't usually like to make one-offs, I'm only offering these in the original form. So no prints will be made of them and well, they are a pretty affordable piece of original art.


Tara Fortin said...

Its almost a shame to break them up! They would be gorgeous in a big shadowbox frame or down a hallway or something.

P.S. That one was my favorite too. Its the weirdest to me. (In a good way!!!)

natascha said...

Your cats are amazing!

LINDSAY said...

These are super cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!